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About Safeharbour Care


"To provide a positive, structured, needs-led approach to care for very individual people"


  • To provide individuals with a bespoke level of care
  • Offer individuals a comfortable and secure home environment
  • Value individuals, support each individual with choice and what they would like to achieve
  • Support each individual to have a well structured lifestyle
  • Work holistically with our support and intervention
  • Ensure our staff recieve the highest level of training and support to give them the right skills to meet clients individual needs


It is Safeharbour's intention to provide and create a home-like non-institutional environment, designed to meet the needs of the (young) people that live there:

  • Ensuring their health and safety
  • Empowering individuals through a person-centred-planning approach to care
  • Finding individuals lifestyles consistent with their traditions, religion and ethnicity
  • Helping each individual to work towards their potential
  • Facilitating integration in the local community

Safeharbour aim to provide the best quality of care for individuals living within the home

It is Safeharbour's management and care teams aims to:

  • Provide a comfortable and secure home for as long as the individual needs it
  • Promote within each individual service user, the belief that their life and the activities they do are of value and as valid as others in the society of today
  • Provide a well structured, intensely supported home and lifestyle

Integral to our philosophy of care, is our "Person-Centred Approach Care Plan" and the "Safeharbour Care Principles". These provide the foundations to the lives of the people that live at Safeharbour.

  1. Activities
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Diet and Nutrition
  4. Behaviour Management and Support
  5. Family Contact
  6. Person Centred Package of Care (Service Users Plan)
  7. Rights and Values
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